Saturday, June 12, 2010

.my best friend.

so i have this friend.. a best friend if you will,
she knows everyting about me, her name is Gracie Youd, we do everything together.. i mean, we just casually roam around,
drawing beards on birds, (hey that rhymed!),
painting our hands, asking people 'whats shaggalaggin?',
pulling weird as shit faces in photos on webcam,
getting high on straws, saying 'I LOVE YOU LUKE! i am your father' to people who arent even called luke, pointing out all the hot guys,
killing the annoying people,
thinking of awesome things that we forget straight away,
being uber confused about boys, failing the subjects we dont like,
checking out jorge's muscles,
being lesbian while talking to a random guy to get him to leave us alone,
eating noodles, drinking chocolate milk, seeing little floating dot things, carrying a MASSIVE bear around while babysitting, spending HOURS on the phone, getting eaten by pacman ghosts,
saying 'what the heckarooni?', singing deja vu by eminem,
perving a little too much, thinking we're cooler than we really are,
eating whole chocolate cakes 'cause we're hungry',
renaming ourselves frank and kevin, falling asleep holding hands,
crying while watching titanic, watching hot rod; alot, cool beans,
having weird as hell conversations at the tea table with your mums gormett cooking ;p, staying up all night talking, eating 202 sherbet straws, going to see shrek.. baby girl, your my everything, without you my life would be preeetty pointless. love you long time.
my inspiration. my sister. my rock. <3

second home 24/06/2010

my tat ;p woo

nice hair (: (:

this is what we look like on a regular basis (:

there really are no words..

science.. :D

ring ring..
helloo ?

ring ring ..

he-helloo ?

helloo ?

ring ring..

you have a bad connection .

your like a constant downer, huh ?

stop bouncing on me.

agh, they stole my freaking kidney..

no time to explain, grab onto our tongues, bleeh .

my inspiration. my sister. my rock. <3

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

.Morgan && Xaviors fight for the boot camp sign.

Today, on the 3rd of December 2009, i, Morgan Graham (and my little brother, Jory) ventured to the robbins' home where our beloved 'Booty' the Bootcamp sign was being held hostage. Jory and i instantly became ninja's as we stepped onto their property and did all sorts of AWESOME comando roles ect. across their lawn and gravel(ouch). We finally got across the yellow brick road to the front door. We knocked. The door opened. The war began!!! Xavior, being a loyal son to Allen the co-stealer of the second time of the stealing of the sign, decided to fight me for the sign! We both know that if we were to box or wrestle then i would most definately win, so we took the alternative and used the swords! Katherine couldnt resist taking photos of the amazing fight!

Yes, Xavior is tyed up and has sticky tape on his mouth but that is what you get for messing with the boot camp sign! I thought it was great that i'd gotten the sign back until ALLEN GOT HOME?! i heard the bike and RAN!!!! (weee-weee-weee all the way home![i wish, only to the car])
I would like to report that 'Booty' is FINALLY back home where he belongs.
I would like to thank mumma and katherine (co-conspirator)

Friday, October 30, 2009

.The Brews<3.

Well here i am again... ((: the thing is i have these people that i call my friends...and i love them!! We are all completely different, and crazy, goofy, stupid, gorgeous,weird, lame, and SOCIALLY CHALLENGEDD!!! we go nuts together... we run around the school pretending to fly and screaming GAVINN! or singing as loud as we can and when we have each other, we never get embarrassed, we help each other when there is something wrong and will do anything to help the others out even if it means we get into trouble... we do it because we love each other..

This is us.... Me, Tori, Tayla, Gracie, Sophie, Mikayla...

This is Gracie, Me && Sophie ((:

Me, Gracie, Tayla && Sanna ((:

We Trapped Kian In The Door ((: Me, Gracie, Tayla, Sanna && Kian

Me, Gracie, Mikayla, Tori, Tayla && Sanna (Sophie Took The Photo)

This is my whole class on reflection day ill try and name them all, lets see...
Connor, Ollie, Jacob, Sean, Lucy, Me, Lachie, Josie, Sophie N, Brad, Emily, Ness, Jess, Sulzie, Annalise, Scotty, Marcus, Zackary <3, Birdy, Nichola, Brayden, Jorge, Sanna, Gracie && Sophie ((: And thats all folks! ilove all of these people, all the guys and girls, they are my friends and my Brews... They may be slightly mentally challenged, socially chllenged, physically challenged but i love them all the same because we have the best fun in the whole world when we are together ((: Absent from this photo is Kian && Tayla ((:

Friday, September 11, 2009

My FIRST ever blog. I never thought i would do it to be honest, i never thought i would make "one of those stupid blog thingies that everyone has now" but here goes...

Well my picture up there ^^ (the one with four people) that's (from left to right) someone i dont know, Danyall, someone else i dont know and then Me... the only girl that would do this challenge haha... That was a good night 'The Monster Challenge'. A stake youth activity, held at deloraine chapel. We all got certificates at the end of the night (:

i was pretty stoked until Dan decided to take mine and run away haha so i chased him through the whole chapel TWICE but then he took it into the boys toilets... i almost went in there haha but thought better of it and sat outside the door. After a minute he put his hand out the door with my certificate or what we both thought was mine, turns out it was his and when he realised he came back out of the dunnies to get it back, i agreed but he got greedy and wanted both again so i just kept his and he kept mine...

This next photo is the Deloraine youth at the Cafe Theatre doing our 'We Go Together' grease dance... Me and Leia were pretty pumped that we landed our hand-stand-flip-over thing(:...

YW LESSON 13/9/2009
At church today our YW lesson was on 'Watch your thoughts' in our lesson was a poem...
"Watch your thoughts, they become actions,
Watch your actions, they become habits,
Watch your habits, they become character,
Watch your character, it decides your destiny."
And Jayne being the amazing YW leader that she is brought us lolly watches! (:
"Probably the greatest challenge and the most difficult thing you will face in mortal life is to learn to control your thoughts. One who can control his thoughts has conquered himself. "
One way to control your thoughts is through music. A man once said, ‘Music is one of the most forceful instruments for governing the mind.’ So then if we listen to music that is degrading and puts us in an angry mood then it is not worthy of us.
" If you can say that a song is spiritually inspiring or that it urges you to see yourself in a more noble perspective, the music is worthwhile. If it merely entertains or lifts your spirits, then it also has a useful place. But if it makes you want to respond in a carnal, sensual way or to consider unrighteous desires, then that music should be avoided. It is not worthy."
Yes Jayne, i do listen in your lessons. Thankyou so much for teaching us and being such a good YW leader. We love you.
I'll be back later on...