Saturday, June 12, 2010

.my best friend.

so i have this friend.. a best friend if you will,
she knows everyting about me, her name is Gracie Youd, we do everything together.. i mean, we just casually roam around,
drawing beards on birds, (hey that rhymed!),
painting our hands, asking people 'whats shaggalaggin?',
pulling weird as shit faces in photos on webcam,
getting high on straws, saying 'I LOVE YOU LUKE! i am your father' to people who arent even called luke, pointing out all the hot guys,
killing the annoying people,
thinking of awesome things that we forget straight away,
being uber confused about boys, failing the subjects we dont like,
checking out jorge's muscles,
being lesbian while talking to a random guy to get him to leave us alone,
eating noodles, drinking chocolate milk, seeing little floating dot things, carrying a MASSIVE bear around while babysitting, spending HOURS on the phone, getting eaten by pacman ghosts,
saying 'what the heckarooni?', singing deja vu by eminem,
perving a little too much, thinking we're cooler than we really are,
eating whole chocolate cakes 'cause we're hungry',
renaming ourselves frank and kevin, falling asleep holding hands,
crying while watching titanic, watching hot rod; alot, cool beans,
having weird as hell conversations at the tea table with your mums gormett cooking ;p, staying up all night talking, eating 202 sherbet straws, going to see shrek.. baby girl, your my everything, without you my life would be preeetty pointless. love you long time.
my inspiration. my sister. my rock. <3

second home 24/06/2010

my tat ;p woo

nice hair (: (:

this is what we look like on a regular basis (:

there really are no words..

science.. :D

ring ring..
helloo ?

ring ring ..

he-helloo ?

helloo ?

ring ring..

you have a bad connection .

your like a constant downer, huh ?

stop bouncing on me.

agh, they stole my freaking kidney..

no time to explain, grab onto our tongues, bleeh .

my inspiration. my sister. my rock. <3


  1. Its really nice that you have such a great friend. You always wanted a really close friend when you were growing up. Treasure this time together.

  2. I like your new header pongo...
    And that picture of you biting that humungeous cake it cracks me up!